Carol Dweck and The Growth Mindset

I was listening an interview the other day with Carol Dweck and she was talking about what a difference in student performance she has seen using the growth mindset. She points out that each of us have either a growth mindset or a fixed mindset.  Belief that you can improve your grades and performance is one of the key components of a growth mindset. Being the most talented person in the class can open some doors to success but it is not the end all. Carol Dweck of Stanford University has done 20 years worth of research discovering how elastic our brains are and how a fixed mindset has traditionally been preferred but now her studies and research show that the growth mindset better predicts how we will perform and at what level we can achieve in all areas of our lives. We all want to have a mindset for success but often it is counterintuitive to practice.

Our brains are much more elastic and capable of being rewired and is constantly growing new neural pathways. IQ and talent are not predetermined and fixed, but can be changed by attitude and environment. Turns out that a growth mindset has to with having an internal confidence that new skills and abilities can be developed with a new focus and mind shift. If we apply growth mindset to ourselves as adults then we open ourselves up to learn from each other and grow stronger together.

As one person has said: “Attitude is everything, and everything is attitude.” Improving our attitude and being positive about growth will change our lives and rewire our brains. When one takes on a positive mental attitude and interacts with the world, the people around us will respond with a positive response and it will lead to a happier more successful life.

7 Keys to Speaking and Blogging

Integrity with your blog audience and public speaking audience.

One of the things you’ll want begin thinking about as your become a speaker is creating a blog. Building an audience of followers can turn into raving fans who buy later. But the first benefit of a blog is to bring value to the community and develop trust. It’s really blog marketing 101. But you can take this common principle one step further.

One of the most valuable resources you have for building your reputation in marketing your blog and business is the customer experience. And at the center of every great customer experience is one key element to building lasting, trusting customer relationships is integrity.

Having integrity in blogging and public speaking is about living consistent with our own morals in everything we do. We show consistency and honesty during each blog post and speaking engagement. And when we do make mistakes, we acknowledge it, fix it, and apologize for the inconvenience. We don’t look for someone or something to blame. Think about your own life and interaction with the companies that provide your Internet, phone or television services.

  • Are they easy to get in contact with?
  • Do they respond promptly to your issues or concerns?
  • Do they go above and beyond to make sure the customer feels cared for?
  • Do they swiftly remedy billing errors and refund the difference in full?

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Speaking Graciously To Your Audience

We must build a new world, a far better world – one in which the eternal dignity of man is respected.” ~President Harry S. Truman

trash manDo you show honor and respect to everyone that you speak to?

The school principal and the school janitor?
The best player on the team and the team’s trainer?
Do you notice the sanitation workers who pick up your weekly trash and or treat them like they’re invisible? Why don’t you smile and say “Hi”? That might just make their day. You will also improve your own happiness level by giving in this way. Literally, the body’s dopamine and serotonin levels have been shown to increase as you appreciate and give love to others.

If this is who you train yourself to be on a daily basis you will be changed. You will meet and attract some of the most interesting people into your life. You will never lack interesting an heart warming stories that are your own.

What will your speech writing be like when you become a person who honors and shows respect to everyone you encounter? Make it your habit to honor your audience. Research and discover great stories about your audience that you can include in your speech. Becoming an engaging speaker takes work and one key component is to make the audience feel that you care about them. You can also remove some of your fear of speaking if you are focused on your audience with your speech writing content. We are always more anxious if we focus on ourselves. Don’t start out a speech talking about yourself and all your wonderful accomplishments. Why not start your speech talking about specific individuals, leaders, workers or even about how great the company is.

If you practice daily with everyone you encounter you will become an authentic public speaker when you stand before you audience to show them honor and respect.

10 Killer Public Speaking Secrets That Don’t Suck


When it’s time to deliver a presentation you have but one chance to captivate and dazzle your audience.You have to grab their attention and engage the audience within the first few sentences. 

It amazes me how frequently a speaker leaves the audience yawning and checking their watches due to a disconnect with their listeners.  It’s almost as if public speakers plan to NOT make a dazzling presentation. Before I give you my 10 killer public speaking secrets I want you to think of a past presentation where the presenter had passion and knowledge of their topic but their presentation was boring. Now consider how the following 10 public speaking secrets might have rescued that speaker.

1. Research – Invest time to find out what is important to your audience members so that you can meet their specific needs. Find out what challenges they face and how you can help them overcome these challenges. You can easily do this by sending them a survey ahead of time and invite input. One simple and free tool can be found at Survey Monkey. You will discover that your audience members will appreciate your public speaking presentation more since you took the time to find out what is most important to them.

2. Rehearse – Have an attention grabbing opening, body, and closing to your speech. In preparing for your presentation carefully outline your main points and keep it simple. Even writing it out word for word is beneficial. Then trim down the speech to the time you are allotted. Keeping the audience riveted is difficult beyond 20 minutes even for the best public speakers. Don’t pack your presentation full of extra fluff. This usually happens to speakers that are fearful that they’ll run out of material for their allotted time. Make every word count and trim the fat from your speech but rehearsing it over and over. [Read more…]