Public Speaking Opportunities for Motivational Speakers

Public Speaking Opportunities

In November of 2008 the number of jobs lost for that month was 533,000. We are entering troubling economic times in the U.S. and globally.

Even in hard times there is still public speaking opportunities for those who are aggressive and positive forward thinkers. That is also true when it comes to public speaking opportunities.
Did you know that if you can use humor and make people laugh you will keep having more and more opportunities in motivational speaking jobs.
I wait until I’ve opened a mouth wide with laughter…Then I pour a
dose of truth down it.
–Charles Spurgeon

Well said. The proper use of humor in your motivational speaker jobs has effects well beyond its
entertainment value. It loosens up the crowd, and opens them up to your message. I have my own “humor file” of about two hundred pages. It contains humorous stories I’ve heard and jokes I’ve been told or have seen on television, in newspapers, magazines, and e-mails. I read maybe a book each month on humor, constantly looking for gems. Whenever I use one of the jokes from my file, I go back in the book and write down where I used it, for whom, and the response it received. Then, I might rework it, reword it and use it again later. I make it a point, though, to never build any speech around humor. I wait until the speech writing is completed, then look for a place where an appropriate joke or humorous story might “stack on.”

Humor can soften controversy and relieve tension. It can get the audience’s attention back if they’re drifting. And, most importantly, it can make them like you. Everyone enjoys spending time with someone who has a sense of humor, and if the audience enjoys spending time with you, you’ll have a much better chance of achieving your objective than if they don’t…never apologize for a joke in any way. No “Stop me if you’ve heard this one” or “Indulge me for just a moment.” No shrugging or other apologetic body language. If the joke is in the speech, you should already have determined that it’s appropriate, relevant to the material, and worth telling.” TCS

So, please don’t stop me if you’ve heard this one.  Find good comedy material, develop it, and practice it for all your public speaking jobs. Go to comedy clubs and watch stand-up on television. Examine how jokes are told well. Look for timing, pauses, facial expressions, body language, etc. Now, go put some smiles on some faces!


  1. mzobanzi says

    i am interested in being a public speaker but i dont know how to start. please help

  2. says

    Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Would love to connect as you requested. I Twittered you my contact information using DM. Or you can find my contact info on my “Who is Coach Melody” page at my blog.

    This sounds like a fun event. Lord, knows we need motivational speakers during this time in our great country.